Tuesday, July 8, 2008

US travels

July 8 I just spent about 3 weeks ping-ponging from one part of the US to another, and though it's nice to be home, I loved the chance to observe the expansive, astonishing, often impossibly gorgeous landscape of this country, especially as myopic politics conspires to reduce the variety of America to charts and graphs. After Kansas City, a week in Colorado for a conference and visits to old friends – Boulder, Gunnison, Telluride - then we turned around and made for a wedding on the East Coast north of Boston and a B&B in quaint, foggy Rockport. The Rockport area has a long history as an art colony (my great aunt used to visit an artist friend of hers there in the early 1900's) - though the predictable subject matter of local seascapes, seashells, seagulls, etc., must get to feel pretty confining, I saw some nice work. No museum visits after Kansas City, but plenty of masterworks of the natural sort - my sketchbook is full of pencil drawings that I can plumb for larger work later.

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